BKN starts work on $13m Joshua Blake kids series

BKN International has started production on a new US$13 million toon, Joshua Blake: The Agency. The 40x26mins series was developed in-house and kids producer and distributor BKN will have a seven-minute trailer ready for MIPCOM Jr., managing director Nicola Andrews told TBIvision.

The company has secured almost 40% of the budget and is now, Andrews says, talking to potential partners with a view to securing a broadcast partner.

The series was developed in-house and follows Joshua Blake who is trained by a secretive government body, The Agency, and uses his powers to save the world from evil forces.

The US5 million already raised comes from a deal with Canadian copro partner Huminah Huminah Animation, which worked on the Speed Racer animated series, and the show will qualify as a Canadian production.

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