Ish Entertainment moving into scripted world

US reality producer Ish Entertainment is moving into the scripted world with the launch of a number of comedy and drama projects from some of Hollywood’s hottest writers and showrunners.

This follows the company’s success in the reality world with series including Paris Hilton’s New BFF. Ish was set up by former VH1 execs Michael Hirschorn and Stella Stolper and is part owned by Lionsgate.

Ish is launching Bayside Boys, a comedy from Ed Burns, which is described as a New York version of Entourage; One If By Land, a comedy drama about a café in New York where couples go to get married by Hitch writer Kevin Bisch and Gnarly, a comedy about two thirtysomething males who travel back in time and return to high school to work out why they were such losers, which was created by writers Edward Cannistraci and Fred Seton, who are behind the latest Jim Carrey movie Pierre Pierre, and has been sold to Comedy Central.

The company also has a handful of new reality projects in development including a Lindsay Lohan series for MTV that is similar to Paris Hilton’s New BFF and a series about a girl group formed by the daughters of rappers T.I and Lil Wayne. 

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