Endemol France writing reality TV code of ethics

Endemol France’s CEO Virginie Calmels has announced the creation of a working group that will be to write up an ethical code for reality TV shows.

In an interview with French daily Le Figaro, she mentioned that the code will define the not-to-be broken limits for both reality contestants and production teams.

The code will be applied to all Endemol Frances’s programmes such as Secret Story, Star Academy or gameshows like Wheel of Fortune.

“It will be based on the respect of human dignity, and the refusal of negative values such as racism, drug addiction, alcohol and violence,” she said.

This summer, French broadcaster TF1 was warned by media regulator the CSA over a broadcast of reality show Secret Story after viewers complained about inappropriate sequences. The CSA informed the network about the necessity to advise that the show was not suitable for children under 10.

Calmels added that Endemol France had acquired the rights to Temptation Island. It will produce a local version for an unspecified DTT channel.

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