WordWorld files for bankruptcy

WordWorld LLC, the company behind the eponymous kids series that airs on PBS Kids, has filed for bankruptcy.

The company, which is run by chief executive Don Moody, has liabilities of more than US$10 million and owes money to creditor PCEP II WW Holdings and Indian animation house Crest Animation Studio.

However, the company is keen to continue to produce new series following this filing and is looking for new capital and new series.

WorldWorld launched on US public broadcaster PBS Kids in 2007 and has been sold to over 90 territories.

The company inked a distribution deal with TV Loonland, which itself filed for insolvency in 2009, to cover Asia and Australasia as well as with France Télévisions Distribution to cover Europe.

The show features a number of animals that are made out of letters and focuses on education.

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