Exclusive: Remy Pflimlin outlines vision for France Télévisions

Rémy Pflimlin has outlined a bold vision for the French public broadcaster in an exclusive interview with TBI. The France Télévisions boss took control last year and is reorganising the management structure at the broadcaster with a view to reinvigorating its channels and content.

Speaking about specific channels, Pflimlin said that France 2 needs to work on its primetime schedule and France 3 needs to reconnect with regional viewers.

“France 2 remains the first-ranked public channel: it must gather the larger audiences and create event programming. But it also must be more rooted in the modern world,” Pflimlin said. “Daytime programming is performing well, but primetime and late-primetime slots must evolve.”

France 2 has moved away from costume drama and Pflimlin is optimistic about the prospects for contemporary French drama on the channel.

“We’re looking for contemporary scripts and heroes,” he said. “It doesn’t mean France 2 will stop offering dramas adapted from literature or historical events, but it will be in a more balanced proportion. I’m convinced French viewers will go back to French drama when we offer series and heroes they like to watch regularly. The ratings of Fais pas ci, fais pas ça (Don’t do this, do that) were very encouraging.”

Speaking about France 3, Pflimlin said: “France 3 for its part must be rooted again into the French regions. With regards to drama, documentary, magazines or entertainment, it means we’ll develop programming about history and our common history. The channel must open up.”

The full interview with Pflimlin is in the April/May issue of TBI Magazine, published next week.

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