Schwarzenegger launches The Governator at MIP TV

Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in Cannes to launch animated series The Governator in association with A Squared Entertainment and Stan Lee Comics and help sell it internationally.

The series, which will launch in 2012, will also be distributed in certain markets by Germany company Your Family Entertainment.

Schwarzenegger told TBIvision that he hopes to rope in a number of famous associates. “There will be interesting people [appearing]. As for presidents and tycoons as we go along we will make announcements,” he said.

Larry King appears in the series as a roving reporter Justin Bieber is rumoured to be one of the surprise guests.

The series, which was created by Schwarzenegger, Stan Lee and Andy Heyward, follows the eponymous actor and politician as he fights crime following his retirement from governor.

Schwarzenegger said that he wanted to combine his action interests with movies like The Terminator and comedy features, singling out Twins and Kindergarten Cop.

“I had that range; it was very important to utilise that and create stories that play internationally,” he added. 

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