Broadcasters get on board The Biggest Gameshow in the World

CCTV, Channel One and others have come on board The Biggest Gameshow in the World. The multi-country gameshow is produced by Mistral and based on the French indie’s successful Intercities format.

As well as the Chinese state broadcaster and Russian free-to-air broadcaster, ICTV in Ukraine and Canal ONT in Belarus have picked up the show.

Based on the popular Intercities format, the new show has contestants representing different countries competing against each other in over the top challenges over the 13-episode series. Participants from Armenia, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, France, Russia, UK and Ukraine have been lined up.

Evergreen format Intercities has sold well internationally and is particularly popular on CCTV in China. Mistral stated production on the spin-off show this week.

“We have found a recipe to integrate everyone onto one set, including smaller territories that usually can’t afford this type of grand show, and yet still keep each show personalised so that every individual country will be able to watch their team compete throughout the tournament,” said Yves  Launoy, co-president of Mistral Production.

Mistral added that an Asian version of the show will go into production in June and that a Latin American version is also in the works.

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