SinemaTV channels set for Turkish pay service

Turkish pay TV service provider Turkcell TV has begun offering a package of channels from Oflaz Media Group to its subscribers.

Turkcell TV is offering a SinemaTV package comprising three of the group’s six channels – classic movie channel SinemaTV 1001, action movie channel SinemaTV Aksiyon, romantic drama and comedy channel SinemaTV Aşk – along with on-demand service Sinema Hemen (Now).

Sinema Hemen is available over a range of mobile devices as well as online.

“SinemaTV keeps extending its number of channels and digital platforms each passing day. We are very pleased to announce this agreement for a new partnership with Turkcell, a world-leading telecommunications giant. Turkcell TV carries great importance for us and we believe that our strong content will add lots of value to theservice,” said Fatih Oflax, president of SinemaTV.

SinemaTV provides six HD channels, four of which are also available in standard definition. In addition to the channels announced with Turkcell, the group provides flagship channel SinemaTV, a two-hour time-shifted variant, SinemaTV 2 and family channel SinemaTV Aile.

“Combining our expertise in technology field with our well-established business skills, we aim to offer our subscribers extraordinary TV, film and entertainment services. Our highest priority is to provide rich and high quality content. We are very delighted to start our business relationship with SinemaTV, a pioneer and exemplary movie platform,” said Firat Akdere, director of media services at Turkcell.


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