MIPCOM: French air traffic strike threat back on

MIPCOM_OverviewFrench air traffic controllers have left their options open regarding a strike, threatening disruption to flights on the last day of MIPCOM.

There has been confusion surrounding whether the industrial action would go ahead. A Europe-wide strike was announced earlier this month with air traffic controllers in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal among those planning to take action, but it was subsequently postponed.

However, French air traffic staff have decided to leave open the possibility of pursuing industrial action. Yesterday (October 8) the French air traffic controllers union registered an option allowing them to strike on Thursday (October 10).

There is conflicting information regarding how widespread the action will be with some reports suggesting that it will be restricted to certain parts of France and others that it will be country-wide. It is thought that short-haul flights to other European destinations will be the worst hit.

French law dictates that 50% of flights must be maintained. It is understood the strike, if it the union does pursue its option to take action, will run from the morning of October 10 until 8pm.

There was concern that other modes of transport, notably train services, would also be affected but MIPCOM organisers Reed Midem told TBI that the rumoured rail strike is not happening and that services should be operating as usual.

Many of the mooted 13,000 MIPCOM delegates leave on the Wednesday although a substantial number remain in Cannes until the final day of the market.

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