Hulu buys Breakthrough adult toon

US on-demand service Hulu has acquired animated series Producing Parker, “an edgy send-up of daytime talk shows”.

The show, which Breakthrough Entertainment produces and distributes, will launch the US service, first broadcast on Canuck net Global in 2009.

Each episode charts the crazy behind-the-scenes antics of the crew and cast if a fictional daytime TV series.

Producing Parker is a smart and sharp-as-a-knife parody with memorable and unique characters devised by Canada’s best comedic talent,” said Nat Abraham, president of distribution, Breakthrough Entertainment.

“We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what ‘grown-up’ animation can accomplish and look forward to introducing Producing Parker into the U.S. by working with Hulu.”

Breakthrough produced the show in association with Canwest Global.

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