MIPTV 2014: Banijay plans Weddings, brings Masters to Cannes

7 weddingsBanijay International will be in Cannes with new formats including Brainpool entertainment show Extraordinary Masters and stylised Danish marriage doc show The 7 Weddings (pictured).

Extraordinary Masters is billed as a high-octane studio format from Germany’s Brainpool, which is behind Stars in Danger: The High Dive and Beat Your Host. It sees pairs of contestants duel in extreme disciplines never seen before on TV that test dexterity or intelligence for example.

The original German version for ARD scored more than four million viewers per episode.

The 7 Weddings, meanwhile, is a “unique and ambitious documentary-style format follows seven couples from the moment they make their wedding vows through the highs and lows of the first seven years of their marriages” for Denmark’s TV2.

The format, shot in a feature film style, features seven episodes a year for seven years. It comes from Denmark’s Selskabet.tv, which produced The 7 Killings, also for TV2.

Banijay is also launching ‘sciencetainment’ format Tested on Humans; factual entertainment show My Week Your Week, in which each partner in a relationship takes control for one week to try to get things back on track; and trivia-meets-sightseeing gameshow Street Smart.

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