Netflix tipped to make mobile content push

Netflix Building41-620x413Netflix is reportedly looking to add two to five-minute long clips from movies and TV shows to its service in a bid to appeal to mobile users.

According to a report by tech blog GigaOm, Netflix is testing a row of content called ‘Have five minutes?’ that will include snippets of stand-up comedy specials, and scenes from movies and TV shows – all taken from its existing library of content.

Citing Netflix design manager, Dantley Davis, who spoke at an event at Netflix’s Californian headquarters last week, the report said that Netflix is looking to experiment with short content as 87% of all mobile sessions on the service last less than 10 minutes.

The short content offering could reportedly be added to the service when Netflix relaunches its mobile apps in the coming months, with Davis claiming that its tests have shown positive results.

Davis is design manager for phone and tablet at Netflix, and has worked on product design for the service on iOS and Android, as well as Chromecast, Xbox and PlayStation games consoles and smart TVs.

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