Endemol launching online gaming channel

Production and distribution group Endemol is launching a new video game-focussed online channel, Legends of Gaming.

AliA-headshot-1The new service will be run by Endemol’s digital channels unit Endemol Beyond, which launched last year. The channel will feature up-and-coming and established YouTube gamers as they compete in aUK-wide tournament.

The contestants will take on superhero personas for the competition and dress accordingly while battling each other. The Legends channel, which rolls out later this month, will be fronted by YouTube gamer Ali A.

The culmination of the competition will lead into a new live four-day gaming event, Legends of Gaming Live, which Endemol will run with events firm Upper Street.

Commenting on the forthcoming release of the Legends of Gaming channel, Endemol Beyond UK director of digital content Randel Bryan said: “Legends of Gaming is a channel that was just crying out to be made. For years we’ve seen the YouTube gaming elite entertaining their audiences from their own bedrooms, now it’s time to bring them all together, level the playing field and find out who really is the ultimate Legend of Gaming.”

Endemol Beyond has channel hubs in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It launched late last year with a US$40 million initial investment, but has attracted criticism from producer and distributor Beyond for its branding.

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