Starz offers free pre-launch Survivor’s eps

Survivor's-Remorse.Cam-Calloway-(Jessie-TUS premium cable Starz is offering a pair of episodes from the upcoming LeBron James comedy Survivor’s Remorse to select platforms.

Since Saturday, the first two eps of the six-part half-hour comedy have been offered to around 78 million multichannel video homes via certain Starz telco, satellite and cable affiliates, on sites such a, the Survivor’s Remorse Twitter and Facebook pages, Starz On Demand, the free Starz Play app and on-demand platforms Amazon Prime Instant Video, Vudu, Sony Entertainment Network and Xbox Video.

The full season begins on Starz on Saturday, October 4. Starz has international distribution rights and will sell the show in Cannes at MIPCOM.

It follows a young basketball star whose new-found fame and money sits awkwardly with the impoverished community he leaves behind. Basketball star James is an executive producer.

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