D360 to Tackle Reno in Cannes

Tackle RenoDistribution360 will launch Si Entertainment’s property makeover series Tackle My Reno at MIPCOM. The show goes out on HGTV in Canada and features pro-football player turned handyman Sebastian Clovis.

D360 is the distribution arm of Canadian producer Marblemedia. Alongside Tackle My Reno, it will launch a raft of lifestyle titles at MIPCOM.

It has a pair of titles with presenter and contractor Bryan Baeumler, the 91x30mins Leave it to Bryan and 42x30mins House of Bryan.

The distributor will also have Risky Business, a recent acquisition.

The Essential 11-produced series has one of the dragons from the CBC version of Dragon’s Den, W. Brett Wilson, work with couples who are risking their life savings on a moneymaking deal. The show went out on cable channel Slice in Canada.

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