Nippon TV brings The Ones I Loved to market

Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV is launching two new formats, The Ones I Loved and Would You Pay?!, at MIPCOM.

The One(s) I Loved reveals celebrities tests celebrities truthful qualities by reuniting them with previous partners, including in some cases their first loves. The celebrity does not know which of their past loves will feature in the show and they are revealed from behind a curtain in the studio.

In another segment, a celebrity is taken to a café for an interview, without knowing one of their former lovers is sitting at a nearby table. It is being presented as a one-hour or two-hour format to buyers at MIPCOM.

It will be showcased at the Japanese content showcase event on the Tuesday of MIPCOM as part of the ‘Made in Japan’ formats line-up.

Would You Pay?! is a family-friendly quiz format in which contestants guess whether members of the public will buy overpriced items, for example a US$500 steak at a fast-food joint.

Nippon is part of the Treasure Box Japan initiative, which sees Japanese broadcasters join forces to promote their formats.

Yukiko Kimishima, divisional president of international business Development said: “We are excited about being part of Treasure Box Japan which is a unique collaboration designed to promote formats that have been created in Japan.”

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