Oscar De La Hoya launching MMA lifestyle channel

Former world champion and Olympic gold medal-winning boxer Oscar De La Hoya is launching a US channel dedicated to mixed martial arts, travel and lifestyle.

De La Hoya TVDe La Hoya TV, which was announced by the boxer at the NATPE market in Miami, will target US Hispanic viewers with Spanish-language programming.

De La Hoya won ten boxing world titles across six weight divisions, making him one of the most successful pugilists of all time. He is now a successful boxing promoter.

His channel will have news and analysis of combat sports as well associated travel and lifestyle fare.

“De La Hoya TV will be the premiere authority on boxing and other combat sports, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look into the world and lifestyles of their favorite athletes,” said De La Hoya, chairman of De La Hoya TV.

“The network aims to inspire all to live the life of a champion, delivering exceptional insight into the athletes and featuring entertainment, global destinations, news and more,” he added.

Among US Hispanic audiences, boxing is the second most-popular sport after soccer, and a large proportion of the MMA fan base is Hispanic. There are plans to launch an English-language feed of the channel at a later point.

The multiplatform network will be based in Miami, launch in the spring, and be available for cable and satellite distribution.

De La Hoya has partnered with fellow promoter José Alberto ‘Pepe’ Gómez, and Fashion TV Latin America distribution exec Victor Hugo Montero on the venture.

“In my decades of working in television, I’ve seen few opportunities to connect with an untapped market with such an exponential opportunity for growth,” said Montero, who is CEO and general manager of the new channel.

“For over a year we have worked on this project and are focused on expanding content from Spanish to include English and make it available to a larger audience.”

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