France’s CSA makes pair of appointments

French media regulator the CSA has named Nicolas Curien and Nathalie Sonnac as members of its council.

Curien was nominated by the French Senate and Sonnac by the National Assembly.

Curien will work on spectrum issues this year, alongside Nicolas About. His responsibilities will also include digital audiovisual services and distribution, where he will work alongside Sonnac and About.

Sonnac will this year take charge of the CSA’s work audiovisual economy and European affairs, as well as working on sport.

In a presentation on the CSA’s aims for this year, the body’s president, Olivier Schramek, welcomed Curien and Sonnac and praised their economic and technology expertise.

In his speech, Schramek also told French government figures and parliamentarians that the regulator would address the pressing issue of the migration of pay DTT channels to free-to-air. Schramek said that the CSA would respect the economic and financial aims of the legislature but would remain open to the evolution of the platform.

Schramek also said that the regulator would seek to ensure that the decision to allocate the 700MHz band to mobile broadband would not adversely impact the debelopment of DTT, including the development of HD and ultimately Ultra HD services.  

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