August launches Singapore studio

Asia’s August Media Holdings is celebrating its fifth birthday by launching a Singapore-based production studio.

ASI Studios will be based in Manila, and house 145 people. It is the result of a joint venture between August and Singapore’s Synergy Group. The pair previously partnered on season two of George of the Jungle.

The studio replaces the existing Synergy88 studio.

Jyotirmoy Saha, Founder and CEO of August Media said: “2D is still the mainstay for good animated comedy. While many Asian service studios seem to be chasing the CG train, I think there is still a lot of demand for good 2D studios. And when it comes to 2D animation, the talent pool in the Philippines has fantastic variety and size. This facility is just the first step towards what we think will end up to be a group of three such teams.”

Jackeline Chua, managing partner of the Synergy88 Group added: “We are excited about having August Media on board at the new studio. They will bring the experience needed for operating the studios with a producer’s care and mindset rather than a vendor’s production line.

“The new studio will also be home to some new projects in the pipeline that are targeted specifically at the Asian young adult audience.”

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