Discovery plans new Elba series

EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION FESTIVAL: Discovery Networks International is working on another unscripted series with popular actor Idris Elba (pictured).

idris-intro-YOUTUBE-(0-02-04-20)DNI’s chief creative officer, Phil Craig told journalists at a press conference yesterday in Edinburgh the show would be similar to previous project Idris Elba: No Limits (fka The Idris Elba Project) which saw the actor engage in adrenaline-fulled stunts, but would likely have another title.

Craig said the show would see Elba taking on a “different challenge”.

Discovery Networks UK previously acquired Elba’s documentary Mandela, My Dad and Me, while No Limits launched in July.

DNI also announced a batch of new commissions as the Edinburgh International Television Festival kicked off.

From Discovery Communications-owned Raw TV comes Free Ride (WT) in which a survival expert and a filmmaker will attempt to trek across South America with no money. It debuts in winter 2016.

Driving Wild (WT), from Endemol Shine Group-owned Dragonfly, sees Formula 1 mechanic Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley immerse himself in extraordinary car cultures around the world. The 6x60mins show debuts next spring.

There are also a pair of commissions from Australian producers. Question Everything (WT) features physicist Dr. Derek Muller undertakes quirky stunts and major experiments, and comes from Essential Media and Entertainment.

Sydney Harbour Uncovered (WT) is another 6x60mins show debuts in the autumn of 2016 and comes from Melbourne-based WTFN. The show looks at the mechanisms that keep Sydney Harbour working.

There is also another season of Extraordinary Pregnancies for spring next year, which comes after the October-debuting First Heartbeat. The October Films show, which looks into the taboo subject of miscarriages, was originally a UK commission but now goes out across the DNI stable.

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