TV PinGuim plays Ping & Pong with buyers

Kids-logo-460_2Ping and PongBrazilian animation house TV PinGuim is debuting its latest series, Ping & Pong, with a batch of deals already agreed.

Discovery Kids in Latin America, and TVO, TFO, Télé Québec and Knowledge Network in Canada have all prebought the preschool show. Canada’s Kondolole Films is attached as a coproducer.

Ping & Pong, which debuts next year, follows the harmonious adventures of who friend who find musical inspiration in unlikely places.

TV PinGuim is also debuting a second season of Earth to Luna!, which was originally for Discovery Kids.

“We hope that buyers will soon be singing along in harmony with the irresistible Ping and Pong, and – following her wonderfully successful first series – marveling anew at the further delightful discoveries inspired by Luna’s passion for science,” said TV PinGuim creative director Celia Catunda.

Elsewhere, Barcelona’s Peekaboo is launching Puu&I, Way Up High, a 52x11mins series it is coproducing with WideFrameStudio.

It was pitched at Cartoon Forum as Fred’s Adventures.

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