Turkey, Russia edge out US in drama exports league


Show TV's Turkish drama Ezel

Show TV’s Turkish drama Ezel

Turkey has the largest number of top ten drama exports around the world, research from Eurodata TV Worldwide reveals.

The content research specialists track the performance of programmes around the world and have found that Turkish dramas now rank in the top-ten programme charts around the world more regularly than any other territory.

Within the scripted TV category, Turkey now ranks ahead of Russia with the US left trailing, the research suggests.

While local programming dominates the top-tens in the 79 international territories measured, in term of imported finished drama series the US now as just 6% of the total with the likes of The Big Bang Theory, The X-Files and NCIS the top performers.

Turkey has an established drama sector, producing huge period series and telenovela-esque long-running shows such as the well-traveled Ezel (pictured). Russia, however, is less well-known as a drama exporting territory. Shows including Catherine the Great, which has been very successful across Eastern Europe, are behind its new-found success.

“Local programming represents two-thirds of the top tens, and ready-made imports account for 33%,” said Sahar Baghery, head of global media research and content strategy at Eurodata.

“The US only represents 6%, with big brands such as Big Bang Theory and The X-Files, NCIS. Five years ago, we could see more of them in the tops in Europe with House, The Mentalist and The Blacklist.

“Now US franchises are leaving room for other regions of the world meaning the scripted TV market becomes more and more fragmented.”

Baghery will expand upon the Eurodata findings in a One Year in the TV World: Cracking Audience Trends session at MIPTV next week.

Eurodata recently acquired control of UK content consultancy Tape and John Peek, managing director of the UK-based firm, will also talk about key audience trends.

TBI will present the session, which takes place on the first day of the market, Monday April 3, from 9.15am to 10am local time in the Palais des Festivales.

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