Dynamic tests new development model

Scripted-logo-460_2Dan marchLA-based Dynamic Television is working on what it describes as a new scripted television development model.

The company is working with independent creative network Tongal to create “an incubator to develop a television drama series”.

Together they are working on a science fiction property, Nextopia, which will be developed through an open sourcing process and aimed at broadcast and cable networks in the US.

This week, a call went out to writers around the world to submit story ideas that explore “how evil and the dark side of humanity evolve in a not too distant future where technological advancements have created a near-utopian society”.

Once this is completed, Tongal and Dynamic will have three treatments, which will then be pitched to experienced showrunners and presented to networks.

Tongal claims a global network of 120,000 professional creatives, who collaborate through a proprietary development platform. The company has worked on commercials, social and digital campaigns and original entertainment for the likes of LEGO, NASA, Unilever and General Motors.

“Tongal’s innovations have positively disrupted and influenced a massive industry, and now we are excited to apply those tools to our never-ending task of developing great stories,” said Daniel March, managing partner of Dynamic Television (pictured).

“The partnership’s goals are ambitious, to not only crowd source great ideas but to then to crowd source an audience that can launch a series.”

Dynamic distributes series such as Z Nation, Wyonna Earp and Trapped, and produces various dramas.

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