Fox Asia assesses The First Half of My Life

Scripted-logo-460_2The First Half of my LifeFox Networks Group Asia (FNGA) has signed a deal with prodco New Classics TV for exclusive rights to broadcast and distribute The First Half of My Life outside of mainland China.

The new show will be launched on August 14 at 8pm and will be carried by STAR Chinese Channel (SCC) and FNGA’s internet streaming service, FOX+, an hour later.

The 42-episode drama tells the story of 37-year-old Zi Jun, whose peaceful life as a housewife is disrupted when her husband asks for a divorce.

The First Half of My Life is directed by Shen Yan (Chinese Style Relationship), written by Qin Wen (Hot Mom!) and produced by Huang Lan (Ruyi).

FNGA has made a range of series and film collaborations over the past two years, and worked on titles such as Tiger Mom, May December Love 2, Go Lala Go 2 and The Trading Floor, and original coproduction with Chinese VOD service Tencent.

It recently acquired exclusive rights to CBS’s Showtime brand in Southeast Asia (including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand), Taiwan and Hong Kong, and is also working on drama Stained.

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