Show of the Week – Rivals In Law

It’s the age-old dilemma for married men across the world, who do you risk upsetting the most, your mother or your wife?

This reality cooking show puts husbands in the hot seat as they pick a meal that the two most important women in their life must prepare – and then judge who did best.

The competitors have just a short amount of time to find the ingredients and prepare the meal, before their dish is scrutinised by a celebrity chef.

The son/husband must taste each dish and decide which is best, with the winner receiving a prize and bragging rights.

However, Gökhan Mutlay, who created the format for Global Agency, says that this is much more than a cooking contest with claws.

“Rivals In Law is a competition which displays the loving-yet-competitive relationship between a mother, son and bride,” he says. “It is not about fighting but exploring themselves and their relationships through a cooking contest. They bring a new perspective to their relationship.”

Throughout each episode, the contest is interspersed with mothers reminiscing about their son’s childhood, while his wife tells stories about how they met and some of the highlights of their relationship.

“Every single family has an outstanding and compelling story,” says Mutlay, who adds that what makes this format so compelling is because it is so universally relatable.

“The mother has a baby, she feeds him, cooks for him, grows him and then he meets a girl, falls in love, flies away from home, and now it is time that his wife starts cooking for him. Isn’t it the story of each and every one of us, no matter what race we are, what ethnic background, political view or what beliefs we may have?”


Distributor: Global Agency

Concept/Synopsis: Cooking format in which a married man must choose between his mother’s food and his wife’s, while the two most important women in his life discuss their relationships.

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