NHK, Korea’s Yoon N Company & BBC Asia pick up from Passion

Engineering Reborn

Korea’s Yoon N Company and BBC Asia have snagged rights to an array of Passion Distribution’s factual shows, ahead of the Asia TV Forum which starts later this week.

The Tinopolis-owned sales firm has sold more than 100 hours of content to networks and streamers, with BBC Asia buying Engineering Reborn from sibling Pioneer Productions and Yoon N Company taking Art That Made Us. The latter is produced by ClearStory and Menace Productions.

NHK in Japan has picked up Stacey Dooley: Inside The Convent, which tracks the documentarian as she experiences what it’s like to live as a nun, while Legend Media in China has licensed a package of fact ent and docuseries that includes Surviving The Stone Age and Cold War: The Tech Race.

Other sales include Mi Media in Malaysia licensing Help! My House Is Haunted and Asian operator Pet TV taking Dog Rescuers S7.

Passion’s slate at Asia TV Forum & Market, which starts 7 December, includes Mentorn Media’s Dinosaur With Stephen Fry and South Shore duo, Football Dreams: The Academy and Freddie Flintoff’s Field Of Dreams.

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