‘Evil Lives Here’ prodco Red Marble to adapt ‘Proof’ podcast for TV


New York-based production company Red Marble Media is developing a TV series adaptation of its true crime podcast Proof.

The firm, which specialises in producing true crime investigative series for TV and podcasts, is also launching a second season of the Proof podcast to debut in April 2023.

Founded in 2009 by Kevin Fitzpatrick, Red Marble Media is behind TV series including Discovery ID’s Evil Lives Here, Shattered, and Two Shallow Graves.

The first season of Proof, which will be adapted for the screen, helped to exonerate two wrongly convicted men serving life sentences in Georgia, USA, through its investigation.

Cain Joshua Storey and Darrell Lee Clark were convicted of the murder of Brian Bowling when they were teenagers in 1996. Initially ruled an accidental death due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a succession of misinformation and procedural mishaps, including the mishandling of evidence and witness coercion lead to Storey and Clark being sentenced to life in prison.

Producers Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis spent over a year investigating the case, posting their findings in Proof episodes in real time, gaining an audience along the way.

Among their listeners were The Georgia Innocence Project and local Georgia attorneys who took the evidence to the Floyd County Courthouse and initiated the proceedings leading to Clark and Storey’s exonerations after 25 years behind bars.

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