Marblemedia & Jim Henson Company team for kids comedy series

AJ Trauth

Canadian producer and distributor Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company have partnered to co-develop an original scripted comedy series tackling the stereotypes and stigmatisation around neurodiversity and mental health challenges among children.

Created by Miklos Perlus, and inspired by his neurodivergent son, Felix (10 x 30-minutes) is a live action comedy about a boy, his family, and his “feels” – five original characters to be created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop that manifest his larger-than-life emotions.

They live in his house; they follow him to school; they eat all the good snacks; they’re like the worst pets ever. And now that Felix attends a school for neurodivergent kids like him, he’s finally learning how to live with his very real emotions.

This latest project follows previous collaborations between Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company on live-action preschool series Hi Opie!,in 2014 and its spin-off Opie’s Home in 2016.

“We could think of no better partner on this project than The Jim Henson Company to join us in creating a transformative family television series”, said AJ Trauth, VP kids at Marblemedia. “We share a desire to bring the much-needed conversation around children’s mental health directly to audiences across North America, and the world. Miklos has expertly crafted an authentic, optimistic, and hilarious story about this very important topic.”

“For generations, the art of puppetry has helped us process our thoughts and feelings. By authentically depicting the nuanced and complex ways that neurodivergent children experience the world, Felix will use comedy and a cast of original hilarious characters to introduce audiences to new ways of thinking, reducing the stigma around mental health and inspiring families to improve their own communication,” said Halle Stanford, president of TV for The Jim Henson Company.

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