Cineflix partners with Bonnie McFarlane for scripted comedy

Bonnie McFarlane

Cineflix Productions is developing You’re Better Than Me, a scripted comedy inspired by Canadian comedian Bonnie McFarlane’s memoir as a high schooler in Cold Lake, Alberta, in the mid-1980s.

McFarlane serves as the creator and writer for the half-hour long series, which follows a fictionalized version of her 16-year-old self, who is stuck on a farm 294 kilometres outside the nearest pizza delivery zone, with a cow for a best friend.

She’s not the easiest person to get along with, and neither she nor her cow are part of the “in” crowd. Bonnie is desperate to escape her farm and see the world. There’s just one thing stopping her: herself.

“We fell in love with Bonnie through her hilarious memoir. Her voice is so clear and relatable to audiences; we are thrilled to bring her perspective to the screen,” said Lisa Baylin, director of development, Cineflix Productions.

McFarlane holds numerous radio and television credits, including an HBO special, two Comedy Central specials, as well as multiple appearances on The Tonight Show and The Late Show.

She also directed the documentary Women Aren’t Funny, while her memoir, You’re Better Than Me, was published by HarperCollins in 2016. She also co-hosts a national radio show on Sirius XM with her husband based on their podcast My Wife Hates Me.

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